A Slice of Electric City Butcher

Off the Hoof

A New Restaurant Concept from Electric City Butcher


Off the Hoof is a new dining experience from the craft butchers at Electric City Butcher at 4th Street Market in Downtown Santa Ana. Off the Hoof offers “Ranch to Table” BBQ, Sandwiches & More. Each of our menu items is made with the same sustainable, humanely-raised, & delicious meats found at our butcher shop. Our meats are hormone- & antibiotic-free, sourced from small, family-owned farms, & our beef is 100% grass-fed & finished! Meat you can trust!

For years, ECB has been providing its guests with the highest quality, most meticulously sourced meats & animal products from California’s ranchers & farmers. With Off the Hoof, we look to bring our craft butchery to the grill, smoker, fryer, & ultimately, our guests. With top-tier ingredients, professionally trained staff, & a dedication to bringing our guests delicious food, we’ve taken our decades of experience & distilled them into a Sandwich & Barbeque Menu that is beyond compare.


 About Electric City Butcher

Electric City Butcher is the premiere whole animal butcher shop in Orange County. We provide responsibly sourced hormone and antibiotic-free meats to Southern California from family-owned farms throughout the state. We guarantee that our hand-crafted charcuterie, sausages, and cut-to-order meats are of unparalleled quality. We offer personalized service to each and every guest who walks into our shop, because it matters , and we know you will taste the difference. Electric City Butcher is committed to sourcing the most sustainably and humanely raised meats. We purchase from small, family-owned farms exclusively in California that have a generations-long commitment to quality, care, and love for their animals and their land.